(Markus Mo)

Say hello and wave goodbye
The lilies and daisy on the water pool
Chrysanthemum laid next to your gravestone.
Aroma and scent spread all inside the rooms.
Even The promises are broke
For orphans, widows and bloke who lost his wife
Reminiscence never shook.

The memories unfolded, the knot untangled.
Blessing, colour and graffiti sprinkle from above,
The dorm of pandemonium is finally closed.
Dominance of dark lord removed in the tainted flow.
Tricks of optical illusion, pains and sorrow have now unloaded.

Standing at the staircase.
Watching the footstep.

We would hold our hands,
We would sing another song that it won't be the last to have.
I would not bewildered if there is no voice in the air.
Because there is no atmosphere.
My lips has been sealed recently,
There is no way for me to speak or kiss.
I found your charm in my pocket,
And an amulet on my neck
When the water pour in and the rain rustled,
The sound of our smile and your crystalline but briskly voice attenuated,
Following the rainwater, finally washed away.

I am drowning deep down from below
But wishing you living well above.
In the way I could open my mouth,
Like the bubbling of fish,
I would swim across the ocean and see this amazing world.

Even you are brute with a stoned heart.
That should not be reprimanded anymore.
In the cold winter, the faces and the breathing air I discern,
Could be much more better than waiting for thaw in reverse.
Spring tide and warmed temperature made me liquefied.
Flower, butterfly, trees, this nature and sun bring me back to live.

Now, I lost my identity, at the same time, searching my missing integrity.
Where my retardation and morbidity have entered me,
I will be spineless.
The excursion of the animal kingdom
Remodeling of human structures from head to toes,
to the supernatural denudation from tip to tail.

The gloomy night falls with heavy rain,
All the sentiment fall down to drain.
I am meticulously searching a way to escape,
but there is no exits or doors,
Is the god the only one I have to blame?
In such ruthless world filled with atrocity,
More than a misfortune to virulent sensation of pain.

Under the ground, the fury of the mother nature unleashed.
The ocean quake erupted, creating the lethal magnitude of ripples.
Radically fires the burst of astronomical anger.

You told me there seems to have a turmoil underneath.
But I mistook it is a wrong way for a better relief.
So we neglect it as if there is another hysteria.
Am I asking an monstrous beast to be obedient?
Or have I ever overlooked my friend as ignorant?
I am a little bit tender, a bit too soft.
The tremor over my body
Involuntary agitation of my nerves.
But the silence of my stormed mind,
would rather to stay absolute calm in the aftermath.

Vile hunter making the crosshair locked on her target.
Turning pages of another cartoon myth story,
The colour of the crayon draw on the paper.
However reality is not any legendary tales
With the heroes will always stay alive.
Flipped the last page and ended the story.
Tuning the characters with a pleased smile so that everyone is merry.
I know such plot would be very pretty,
but in the notorious world, life would not be this ludicrously easy.

At the primitive village, a woman washing her clothes at the steam found me.
I am sliding down with your necklace that swore as our will.
The caustic word came out from your mouth became the bitter taste of the ghastly memories.
In such remote, placid land of native soil.
The harmony of life and nature.
Everything in such living heaven is spotless and completely immaculate.
The little children are joyfully playing, toddler are sitting with the rabbit hopping on the grass.
I recalled the sweetest smile on your weeping face.
Hope are always in our heart, the twinkle star lighten up the mid-night sky.

I consider this land is never exploited.
For the first time, I am expediting this wonderland that is so amid the globe,
Away from the neon light and architectural skyscraper of a modern city.
I walked along the beautiful landscape,
The tadpole, small fishes washed downstream.
I can see a lady braiding her hair at a distance.
So pure, so clear and so innocent.
Under the skyline and the forest with all the natural locals,
Am I dreaming too easily?

Perhaps I am too exhausted as that point,
I afraid I have lost the acquaintance of my old friend.
Am I exiling myself from them too far away?
Making my life inaccessible and contrary.