Kubrick Poetry • April • Emotions and things we collected

時間Time2019/4/27(Saturday) 4:00pm-5:00pm
主持Moderator: Polly Ho 
詩人PoetsNeil Douglas (UK), Thea Biesheuvel(Netherlands)

Maire Kondo’s way of organising is a worldwide trend. Items we own carry specific memory that tie to our experiences. They also evoke emotions embedded that we normally don’t realize. It only comes to our attention when we re-organise the items or when we decide whether to keep or throw the items away. Is there something that you have evoke specific memory to you? What are they? Why are they so important?  What items that spark joy and what items reminds you of sorrow? But some people don’t collect items. They collect memory. They collect memories from places and people around them. What are about you? How do you see the world and where your emotion comes from?

Neil Douglasis a doctor and poet from the UK. He is currently working as a Community Paediatrician at Barts Health having spent most of his working life as a GP on the Isle of Dogs in London's East End. He studies poetry at City Lit and has performed with the London Writers Eclective as well as being an enthusiastic member of the Covent Garden Stanza affiliated to the The Poetry Society. Last year he was commended and published in the Hippocrates Prize anthology and had two poems published in The North magazine. He is delighted to have had poems accepted for the Mingled Voices anthology published by Proverse in Hong Kong in 2019.

Thea Biesheuvelwas born in The Netherlands and migrated to Australia as a teenager. She has been writing poetry since she was 8. Her poems were in Dutch initially.  She learn English and later use the language to write poetry while living in Australia. Her influences were art and music, but her imagery and memories are her observations about people and places. She has never owned many things since she moved many times. She also write short stories about people and places. She is now a tutor at The University of the Third Age (Brisbane, Australia) and enjoys a busy retirement.