(Ray Chung)

In the July session, Alan read from his latest poetry collection, Seem, published by Flying Island Books (ASM & Cerberus). After a brief introduction to the audience of over thirty persons of different nationalities (including Hong Kong-Chinese, Mainland Chinese, and French), Alan started the reading with the last poem in his book, entitled "the truth." This piece showcased Alan's musicality and talent for the performing arts, as his rhythmic melodies and timely pauses struck a chord with the crowd, captivating everyone in attendance and setting the stage for a monumental sharing session with local legend Leung Ping-kwan (Ya Si).

A resident of Hong Kong from 1998-2007, Alan is now based in Brisbane. A defining moment was when Alan was asked the question, "how are you inspired by the city of Hong Kong?" The Australian-born author revealed that he found it difficult to write about the metropolis until he had moved away, and his nostalgia is perfectly displayed in his poem, "Homage." Alan, who does not speak any Cantonese and is illiterate in Chinese, agreed with his stage-partner Ya Si's statement that Seem's Chinese translator, Iris Fan Xing, is one of the top English-Chinese translators in the Pearl River Delta and is a noteworthy poet in her own right. Alan read from his book in English, while various members of the audience read his translated work in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Throughout the session, Alan was extremely humble and his genuine character, which is exemplary of his work, was summed up with his concluding poem "People have strange reactions to my poems." One of the founders of Hong Kong's longest running spoken-word and poetry event held every month at the Fringe Club. Alan usually spends his summers teaching at the local British Council, but has taken a hiatus this year. We hope to have him back soon, as he is one of the pillars of the Hong Kong poetry scene.

(photos by Paul Wan)


Kubrick Poetry •八月 • 史魂

時間 Time:2012/8/26 (Sunday) 5:00pm-6:00pm
地點 Venue: 油麻地 Kubrick電影中心一樓講廳
主持 Moderator:Polly Ho & Adam Cheung
詩人 Poet:支宇濤

《史魂》是一本用詩的語言書寫世界的簡史。 支宇濤以嚴謹態度,行雲流水句法,在時空交錯間暢論歷史,當今時局。其詩貌似新月,靈儀史公,魂夢傷感而換新情。 詩人時而慨嘆歷史風起雲湧,人生跌宕無常,論古證今,發人深省;遣言造句尖銳,以凌厲筆鋒批判所見所聞,剛中帶柔,赤子之情躍然字裏行間;時而作哲學思考或低首吟誦親情,取材豐富多采,視野遼闊。