Kubrick Poetry • 十一月 • Instagram & Poetry

在這個網絡時代,每個人都可以成為作家,隨時可於Facebook, Instagramblog發表你的心情作品。

現在我們誠邀大家成為一位Instagram詩人,你只需選一張照片,為照片寫一首詩,詩中英文不限 ﹐請於1210 前把作品電郵至kubrickpoems@gmail.com,每人最多可投三張照片 。

我們於1218(星期日)Kubrick 書店舉行作品分享會,歡迎投稿的你或未投稿的你出席。我們還會把作品結集起來,在Instagram發表(發佈日期稍後公佈)。

In this cyber age, everyone can be a writer. You can easily publish your work on Facebook, Instagram or blog.

Now we would like to invite you to be an Instagram poet. You can select one photo and write a poem for it. The poem can be in Chinese or English. Please send your work and photo to kubrickpoems@gmail.com on or before 10th December, 2016. You can submit 3 photos at most.

We will hold a sharing session on 18th December, 2016, 4-5pm at Kubrick. We welcome all the contributors and non-contributors to attend it.

Later, we will gather all the works and post them on Instagram to share with the public. (Date to be confirmed.)