Voices of America

(By Adam Cheung)

It was another cozy and intellectually-stimulating gathering at Kubrick Poetry thanks to our guest writers Mitch Berman and Susanne Lee, who not only shared their works but also provided us with plenty of insights on what it means to be a writer.

Mitch started by sharing his poem “Turning”. It was a very moving piece even though Mitch himself, a fiction writer, very humbly, made no claim to be a poet. He also read the story “The Poorest Boy in Chicago” which, he mentioned, was inspired by the experiences of his grandfather.

Susanne shared her work “Vol De Nuit” which is featured in Pow Wow. She read with such a raw and spunky narrative voice that the story felt like a kind of breakthrough from the traditional Asian-American tales.

Both Mitch and Susanne provided vivid anecdotes when introducing Ishmael Reed, the editor of Pow Wow. The new anthology features a wide range of voices from various cultures that have all made a mark on American history.