Kubrick Poetry •June • Tightrope! — A Bohemian Tale (novel)

時間 Time:2011/6/26 (Sunday) 6:00pm-7:00pm
地點 Venue: 油麻地 Kubrick (next to Broadway Cinemathèque, 3 Public Square St.)
主持 Moderators:Polly Ho, Adam Cheung, Florence Ng, Wong Wai Yim
詩人來賓 Guest Poet and Writer:Olga Walló

A film-maker father. Mother an actress who didn’t want to act – her finest scene a real-life act: dressed to die defying a Nazi officer seeking the paper-less man concealed in the house.

The Narrator of Tightrope! ─ A Bohemian Tale, an extraordinary, curiously intellectual small girl, undertakes the demanding and costly burden of comprehending the world.

Olga Walló lived for many years in Prague, Czech Republic and now lives in the country-side nearby, She worked for Czech TV for 35 years as a translator and dubbing director and taught dubbing at the Academy of Art. She has translated plays (including 12 by William Shakespeare) and novels.
"I believe that all readers, whatever their different cultural experiences, will find in this novel something to identify with, and I hope that, through the personal accounts of the author, they will be able to trace the complex path which our nation travelled not so long ago."— Václav Havel

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