Kubrick Poetry •一月• 同學們的都市詩

時間 Time:2012/1/7 (Saturday) 3:00pm-4:00pm

地點 Venue: 油麻地 Kubrick(next to Broadway Cinemathèque, 3 Public Square St.)

主持 Moderators:Polly Ho, Adam Cheung, Florence Ng

來賓 Guests:Esther Cheung and students from Dept of Com. Lit in HKU

香港大學比較文學系今年開辦了“現代詩”一課。除了介紹理論外,該課程亦鼓勵同學嘗試把堂上學到的知識實踐於創作。是次讀詩會中分享的詩作,正是比較文學系同學的學期創作習作,其中大部分作品皆為有關香港的都市詩(urban poetry)。通過詩歌創作,同學們表達了在香港這一特定的文化、歷史語境中, 自己的個人經驗、對外間的觀 察、對社會的反思,並進而探討現代社會與城市空間,日常生活與詩意,以至知識、語言與情感之間的關係。


Kubrick Poetry 2011

Among the thirteen tales

(Adam Cheung)

We were very grateful to have Xu Xi drop by, amidst her busy schedule, to talk with us in our December session of Kubrick Poetry. It was a meeting that we had long been looking forward to. Xu Xi started by talking about how she was able to keep writing, early in her career, while holding key positions in the corporate business world. She acknowledges the challenge of being a writer in a very commercialized and business-oriented Hong Kong, and so to overcome these challenges and to completely focus on her writing, she moved away. She shared about her experience doing writing retreats in places like Florida and Norway. She also shared her insights in writing about the Chinese experience using the English language, while praising the works of Maxine Hong Kingston as her source of inspiration.

Then we came to discuss her new book. Xu Xi read excerpts from the stories “Space” and “Lady Day”. We agreed that the stories in this collection have a tendency to allow readers a lot of space to imagine and to fill in the untold stories implied in the narratives. We were also treated to some very vivid accounts of the anecdotes that Xu Xi’s aunt had told her when she was a child, and we learned how those stories have inspired her to write the stories that she writes today.

Throughout our conversation, Xu Xi gave us the impression that the writing of this newest book had been a very enjoyable process for her. The audience was also delighted by her ability to narrate her personal experience so animatedly. This kind of liveliness and attention to details are qualities that really shine in her short story collection.

(photos by Paul Wan)