Kubrick Poetry •July • A Pond in the Sky

時間 Time2013/7/28 (Sunday) 4:00pm-5:00pm
地點 Venue 油麻地 Kubrick電影中心一樓講廳
主持 ModeratorsPolly Ho & Adam Cheung
嘉賓Guests: Agnes Lam and Chris Song

A Pond in the Sky is the latest poetry collection of Agnes Lam. This bilingual volume consists of poems selected from the first two collections as well as the manuscript for her third collection, which is mainly about connections — connections within our city, between our city and the rest of Asia or other places as well as between people and the universe. 

Born in Hong Kong, Agnes Lam later studied in Singapore and America. Upon graduation, she taught at the National University of Singapore before returning in 1990 to teach at the University of Hong Kong till she retired as Professor in 2012. She specializes in Asian poetry in English and language education in China. She is also internationally known as a poet and some of her works have been translated into German, Italian and other languages. Representative works include: Woman to woman and other poems (1997) and Water wood pure splendour (2001). In 2008, she was awarded the Nosside International Poetry Prize (Special Mention) and was made Honorary Fellow in Writing by the University of Iowa. In 2009, she received a Commendation Certificate from the Home Affairs Bureau, Hong Kong SAR Government, in recognition of her outstanding achievements in international arts and cultural activities.

Under A Vast Sky

(Adam Cheung)

Thanks to all who came out and shared your poems and thoughts on Ka-kui.  Thanks to our guest musician aniDa for performing Ka-kui’s songs and some of her own original pieces.  And most importantly, a big thanks to the young rocker who watches from above, who reminds us through his music the importance of living our dreams while caring for the world. 


Polly offered an English interpretation to the song  海濶天空

Under A Vast Sky
Today I saw snow drifting through the sky
With a deadened heart I set off on a long journey

hustling in the rain
I barely made out my way in the mist
Will we ever change under a vast sky

All these years confronted by jeers and mockeries
Never have I abandoned the dream in my heart
A sudden hesitation
And the fear of getting lost
Slowly cool down the love in my heart

Forgive me for being wild and yearning for freedom
Yet fearing someday I might fall down…oh No
To give up one's dream
It isn't hard to anyone
Never mind if someday there's only you and me

Undaunted and carefree
I will forever sing out my songs
Walking thousands of miles

Adam’s lines were a reflection of the song 情人

If my thoughts go back to a time
When our distant waiting was a grand old story
Let you and I be kept apart
For absence makes the heart grow purple

If my thoughts go back to the airport and your blue cardigan
The way your sleeves hung loose, your pale hands flickering

Let the colours stain the mind
For a fountain of inspiration

If my thoughts go back to the way you gazed into the distance
When you said you’d die before thirty
I may give up the chance of running into you on a humid Friday night
Unless you’ve moved to the City as I have
And the pressure has you chained to a flat by the gray harbour
Married to a man with a thick-strapped watch
Drowned in white laced curtains and afternoon programs
Your prediction was true
You gaze into the distance
With the same melancholy that touched me then

Oh, the City is too small
Surely we’ll meet on the streets by chance on a humid Friday night
And you’ll be with yours
His leather belt, polished shoes, oblivious
To my breezy confident strides
The closest we’ve ever come is the harshest distance yet.

But I retain my thoughts, back to a time
When our distant waiting was a grand old story
Yet perhaps the better story
Is if I had never left.

Danny’s poetic tribute was set to the song 《無人的演奏》

Limelight is my name (2011-4-26)
10 in the evening
audience flocked down the railing
away from the stage
applauded and twinkled once upon a time

Limelight flares
upon a body laying over there
there in the centre centre
bumping and leaking in the stare
he hoped to be there 
whispering to him he could not have done any better

At one point
he wished to surpass Laurence Olivier
conquering all stages and theatres
becoming a name shining forever after

But now
he just wanted to be embraced by someone so very dear
for he finds such comfort a much concrete answer 

And yet
all he can find is the limelight he could never get over
with tears shivering down the untrodden powdered frontier...

In our hearts -- Kammy Wong

We thought of you with love today,
But that’s nothing new
We thought of you yesterday,
And days before that too!

Constantly, we hear your songs,
Loudly, we speak your name.
Silently, we think of you,
Magically, we see you on stage….

You weave and you simile,
Swing your head, play the guitar;
Your voice gets hoarse, but still you sing.
How we wish you’re still here!

Your memory is our keepsake
With which we’ll never part,
God has you in his keeping,
We have you in our heart

(photos by Wong Wai Yim)