MOViE MOViE X Kubrick Poetry• 九月•延讀 他們在島嶼寫作

MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art 盛夏藝術祭

時間Time2015/9/5 (Saturday) 4:00pm-5:00pm
地點Venue: 油麻地Kubrick Cafe
主持Moderator: Polly Ho

MOViE MOViE (nowTV 116) 頻道Life is Art盛夏藝術祭】推廣藝術的多元搜羅音樂、攝影、畫畫、舞蹈、建築、時尚、文學等的電影;更準備一連串藝術活動於各地予公眾親身參與,將藝術體驗由銀幕帶到生活MOViE MOViE將與Kubrick Poetry Society合作,邀請數位詩人舉行讀詩會,延讀《他們在島嶼寫作》,讓純粹的文字為你們帶來最原始的感動。



On Kadena Air Base

Collier Nogues has channeled her childhood memory into poems through erasure using resourceful historical documents. She deliberately took the form of erasure for it provides richer reading experience beyond poem itself. Moreover, being a visual person, having to work with the texts actually helps her to craft and create. These texts are the solid ground she holds herself to. There is something unique about this book. A companion website (www.thegroundistandon.com) goes along with the book. The original texts reappear when you move the cursor around. Collier expects readers to read the book and also visit the website to get a complete idea of the message of the poems and the historical context. The significance of this book, The Ground I Stand On Is Not My Ground, is a personal re-collection and re-creation on the ground of Kadena Air Base that is worthy for your visit!


Collier's reading is ready for download

You can download Collier Nogues' selected poems from the following link:

Collier's poems (The link is closed)

The link will be closed on 26th July.