Kubrick Poetry Christmas Special - Take It or Leave It

What do you do when people hand you a leaflet on the street?
Have you ever handed leaflets to people on the street?
This Christmas, we’re going to interact with strangers by giving them poems!  The poems will be presented in the form of leaflets.  This may be your best chance to interact with people in public under no commercial pressure.  So go all out!

Date: Sat Dec 22, 2012
Time: 9:00pm (We should be done by 11pm)
Place: Kowloon TST Shangri La Hotel Lobby
If you are interested, please you kindly send your contact information (name, mobile number, number of friends) to this email (kubrickpoems@gmail.com) for confirmation.

How to play:
  1. Briefing in the hotel lobby (We’ll pretend to be tourists and I may bring a flag)
  2. We will divide into groups of 3 or 4 (so bring friends!)
  3. Each group will station in a spot in TST East to distribute poems.  
  4. After we finish handing the poems, we will meet in an open space to discuss our experience.  For example: Any interesting stories?  Any interesting responses?  Did you feel shy?  Did you meet any rude people?  How did you feel when people turn away from you?  How did you feel when they received your poem?
From now to Dec 17
  • Send us a poem that you would like to give to the people who will be walking around TST on the evening of Dec 22 kubrickpoems@gmail.com
  • We’ll need help with photocopying, printing, folding, drawing… So if you can help in any way before the event, please let us know.
How to prepare:
  • Dress warm
  • Wear a Christmas hat or a wig
  • Look cheerful or sexy or both
  • Bring something to sit on the ground when we do our sharing session outside
  • Think about what you will say to the people.  (You’re not going to just hand it out like a robot, are you?)
We’re thinking about adding an interactive element to the leaflet so that it gives a chance for people to respond to the poem or to our activity.  Also, please try to be there on time.  If you happen to be struggling on that day, you can call Adam 9455 xxxx or Polly 6247 xxxx.

Kubrick Poetry Card

The Third Card inspired by Agnes Lam's
Three Photos on your travels
comes out at Christmas time
with limited edition of 30 copies
handmade by artist Wong Wai Yim
are now available at Kubrick bookstore (Yau Ma Tei) 
and the Bookshop in Arts Centre.

Kori & Luca

(Adam Cheung)


Kori and Luca started by talking about their experience at the Kowloon City Book Fair.  It’s interesting that the two of them came together to present their projects as a unit.  Kori and Luca are very different in their artistic and literary styles, but they both acknowledge that there is a chemistry that comes out of this contrast.


Each group wrote a few lines in response to the image on the postcard designed by our guests.  As we listen to what the others wrote, it was interesting to see how each person had a slightly different interpretation of a given picture. 


Luca talked about how her idea for the book “Love Has it all” came from her experience in relationships which she tried to present in pictures with short prose.  Kori talked about the meaning of the title of her book 《知了》and how the idea comes this calling to reveal some of the stories hidden in her life.  She also read from a poetry collection which she published earlier.  All of us take a slice of inspiration from this cozy exchange and we all look forward to their next projects.