Kubrick Writing Workshop

時間Time:2018/11/3 (Sat) 1:00pm-3:00pm
地點Venue油麻地 Kubrick電影中心一樓講廳
老師Coach:Susanne Lee
報名Register: kubrickpoems@gmail.com
費用Fee: $80

Is there a city or a place you have special connection to? Do you want to write a short story about it? How do you set your work? What gives your reader the sense of being there? We will look at techniques and examples – good and bad – that evoke and capture a place and time. These techniques that can be applied to fiction, nonfiction, memoir, and travel writing.
Please be prepared to write a short flash piece to be read in the workshop.

Before workshop: Reading materials
During Workshop: Writing 

Last day to enrol: 1st Nov, 2018

About the Coach

Susanne Lee has lived in Hong Kong, Mount Pleasant, and Burgos. She was born in Los Angeles where her high school counselor told her she should attend the junior college across the street from her home. Not being good at listening to adults, she went to UC Berkeley and Harvard, instead. She was an international business girl in the World Trade Center, but her need to tell stories and wanderlust probably saved her life that September day.

Lee’s writing on diverse subjects such as Tiananmen dissident Ding Ziling, Spanish surrealism and sausage, mehndi in Delhi, and the Vietnamese Reunification Express has appeared in the Village Voice, The Nation, Konch, Giant Robot and SLAM. Her essay "The Sandy Diary of Susu Aisin Gioro" appears in the October Write Launch. Among her fiction, “Vol de Nuit” appears in PowWow: Short Fiction from Then to Now (DaCapo), and “Chungking Masala” was a runner-up in the Guardian Openings Contest. "Clomid Dreams" appears in the September Write Launch, and "Food Fire Storm" will appear in Broken Pencil next year.


Kubrick Poetry • September• Angelic Poet

時間Time2018/9/30 (Sun) 4:00pm-5:00pm
主持Moderator: Polly Ho 
語言LanguageEnglish and Cantonese

Yulia Wong is a 10-year-old girl who grows up in Hong Kong. She doesn’t possess piles of certificates and awards, and she doesn’t overload herself with extra-curricular classes, tutorial classes, or exam skills drillings. She is full of passion for creation. Yulia is fascinated by artistic works and dreams of becoming a poet and an artist. Her days are filled up with reading, writing and drawing according to her heart. She started taking drawing classes when she was three, and she started doing her own writing at six. Her creative works include poems, lyrics, stories, fairy tales, comics, paintings, fashion designs etc. Since there are so many products generated out of her passion, her mother has to put them at the bottom of the drawers or sends some of them to the bin secretly as there are too many of them to be kept in the house. Those poems and drawings survived by accident. Yulia is trying to retrieve more her manuscripts and she hopes to bring more to readers in the near future.

We take this opportunity to hear Yulia read her poems and stories. She also brings her paintings to show to the audience. It is a good chance to talk to this talented young poet. Don't hesitate to join us! The event will be conducted in English and Cantonese. 




Summer Literary Recitals: Penning Our Lives

Date: 30/6/2018 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30-4:00pm
Venue: Hong Kong Central Library Exhibition Gallery, G/F
Guests: Agnes S. L. Lam , Collier Nogues, Florence Ng Chi Yan
Moderator: Polly Ho Sai Fung

Is there anyone who inspires you? Is there anyone who changes your life? Betty Jamie Chung wrote a book about her mother named “Recipes From My Mother”. Her mother was a most outstanding person, educated, elegant, beautiful and strongly committed to moral rectitude. Her mother influenced her perceptions on how she looks, how she deals with people and situations. Is there someone like Betty’s mother in your life? We write what we see, hear and observe but sometimes, the best story may come from one’s own life. We find the best story in people around us.

Agnes S. L. Lam
Agnes S. L. Lam retired as Professor from the University of Hong Kong in 2012. Representative works include: Woman to woman and other poems (1997), Water wood pure splendour (2001), A pond in the sky (2013) and Poppies by the motorway (2017). Some of her poems have been translated into German, Italian and other languages. An Honorary Fellow in Writing by the University of Iowa (2008), she was awarded the Nosside International Poetry Prize (Special Mention, 2008). In 2009, she received a Commendation from the Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR, in recognition of her outstanding achievements in international arts and cultural activities. In 2017, she participated in the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong. She is also noted for her research in Asian writing in English; her book, Becoming poets: The Asian English experience (2014, Peter Lang), is considered ‘a cogent assessment of the Asian English experience’ (2015, Asiatic).

Collier Nogues

Collier Nogues’ poetry collections are The Ground I Stand On Is Not My Ground (Drunken Boat, 2015) and On the Other Side, Blue (Four Way, 2011). Her work has been supported by fellowships and grants from the MacDowell Colony, the Ucross Foundation, Vermont Studio Center, and Lingnan University. She teaches creative writing in the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s MA Program in Literary Studies, and is a PhD Fellow at the University of Hong Kong, where she studies contemporary poetry’s response to US militarization. She also co-edits poetry for Juked and Tongueand curates Ragged Claws, Hong Kong’s English-medium poetry craft talk series.

Florence Ng Chi Yan
Florence Ng was born in Hong Kong. She studied comparative literature at the University of Hong Kong and co-founded Kubrick Poetry with friends. With their help, she self-published a pamphlet titled “Book of Shoes”. Her work was awarded Youth Literary Awards (the 20th and 25th) and Nosside 2010 (Mentions), longlisted for Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition 2015 and selected for Mingled Voices 2 published by Proverse Hong Kong. She is working on her first English poetry pamphlet.

Polly Ho Sai Fung (Moderator)

Polly Ho Sai Fung graduated from the University of Hong Kong majoring in Psychology. She has been devoting her time organizing poetry readings at Kubrick Poetry since 2007. She feels privileged to have encountered so many talented local and international poets. She has twice successfully secured the Year Grant from the Arts Development Council for Kubrick Poetry Society (2010-2011, 2013-2014).  She teaches English at a primary school. 

Official Website: https://www.hkpl.gov.hk/en/extension-activities/hklf/hklf12/event-cat/123572


Kubrick Poetry • May • Mingled Voices

時間Time2018/5/27 4:00pm-5:00pm
主持Moderator: Polly Ho
詩人PoetsGillian Bickley, Verner Bickley, Jose Manuel Sevilla, Florence Ng, Luisa Ternau, Teresa N. F. Chu

This is the third year that an international poetry prize is administered from Hong Kong. Come to hear some of the Hong Kong poets who won a place in the Proverse Poetry Prize 2017 Anthology, "Mingled Voices 2", recently launched by Proverse Hong Kong at an event where poets from Chile and Estonia mingled with Hong Kong-based poets from Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, the UK and South Africa. We have invited Catalan poet and playwright Jose Manuel Sevilla to join Teresa N. F. Chu, Florence Ng and one other to read their poems first and all others who feature in the Anthology are also warmly invited to attend and read within the time available.

What is the purpose of launching the anthology? What keep Dr. Verner and Dr. Gillian Bickley launching the Poetry Prize each year? What attract the participants to submit their work to them when there are many other publishers in Hong Kong available? Come and hear the published poets.


Kubrick Poetry • April • Travelling with a poetic mind

時間 Time2018/4/20 (Friday) 7:30pm-8:30pm
地點 Venue:油麻地 Kubrick電影中心一樓講廳
主持 Moderator: Polly Ho
詩人 PoetsMaria Elena Blanco (Havana, Cuba), Mathura (Estonia)

How do you document a trip? By taking photos or writing a journal or a poem? Travelling has not just enriched our experiences, it also cultivates the poetic mind by being alone, away from home, crossing the border and rethink ourselves in a new city. We get to know ourselves more by travelling alone, getting to know our friends even more by going on a trip together. Sometime you are more sensitive to the cultural differences that you don’t normally aware of. In this month, we have invited two award-winning poets from two very different countries and background. They come together to receive the Proverse Poetry Prize this April. We take this opportunity to discuss their writing journey and translation experience.

MARÍA ELENA BLANCO (Havana, Cuba) is a poet, essayist and translator who writes predominantly in her native Spanish. Having spent a good part of her formative years in New York, she translates her own poetry into English and has also developed her own English poetic voice in a style quite distinguishable from her Spanish one. She has taught French literature and language and worked for the United Nations as translator/reviser, presently on a freelance basis. She divides her time between her home in Vienna (Austria), Chile, and the Andalusian countryside.

MARGUS LATTIK aka Mathura is an Estonian poet and writer, author of eight collections of poetry and a short novel. He has won the Gustav Suits Poetry Award (2014) and the Virumaa Literary Award for the best historical novel of the year (2017).


Kubrick Poetry •「從旁觀到介入」──葉英傑新書分享會

地點 :油麻地 Kubrick電影中心一樓講廳
主持:Florence Ng
嘉賓:葉英傑 周漢輝