Kubrick Poetry • May • Mingled Voices

時間Time2018/5/27 4:00pm-5:00pm
主持Moderator: Polly Ho
詩人PoetsGillian Bickley, Verner Bickley, Jose Manuel Sevilla, Florence Ng, Luisa Ternau, Teresa N. F. Chu

This is the third year that an international poetry prize is administered from Hong Kong. Come to hear some of the Hong Kong poets who won a place in the Proverse Poetry Prize 2017 Anthology, "Mingled Voices 2", recently launched by Proverse Hong Kong at an event where poets from Chile and Estonia mingled with Hong Kong-based poets from Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, the UK and South Africa. We have invited Catalan poet and playwright Jose Manuel Sevilla to join Teresa N. F. Chu, Florence Ng and one other to read their poems first and all others who feature in the Anthology are also warmly invited to attend and read within the time available.

What is the purpose of launching the anthology? What keep Dr. Verner and Dr. Gillian Bickley launching the Poetry Prize each year? What attract the participants to submit their work to them when there are many other publishers in Hong Kong available? Come and hear the published poets.