Kori & Luca

(Adam Cheung)


Kori and Luca started by talking about their experience at the Kowloon City Book Fair.  It’s interesting that the two of them came together to present their projects as a unit.  Kori and Luca are very different in their artistic and literary styles, but they both acknowledge that there is a chemistry that comes out of this contrast.


Each group wrote a few lines in response to the image on the postcard designed by our guests.  As we listen to what the others wrote, it was interesting to see how each person had a slightly different interpretation of a given picture. 


Luca talked about how her idea for the book “Love Has it all” came from her experience in relationships which she tried to present in pictures with short prose.  Kori talked about the meaning of the title of her book 《知了》and how the idea comes this calling to reveal some of the stories hidden in her life.  She also read from a poetry collection which she published earlier.  All of us take a slice of inspiration from this cozy exchange and we all look forward to their next projects.