(Markus Mo)

I was 17.9.
I throw myself into deepest dives.
Deoxygenation crossed my mind.
Ambient Darkness surrounds me.
Come to the riskiest part of my life.

Am I cooling down or Am I burning out under the sea?
May I take the rest or lay down,
Come to bed and stop crying,
Let my heart shut and end its bleeding.
Literally I keep me breathing,
In fact, I haven’t never live and never stay.
There’s no pulses, no heartbeat, I had passed away.

Long been the care, happiness and elation I have sought.
Make the brightest love official in May.
There I get more sweetest taste.
Where’s it’s the most memorable and gorgeous day
The most sensitive moment on the innocent lips.
It’s like honey drip to tip, it’s the first kiss.

My Birthday in June.
Never though my 18th birthday come so happy, so soon.
Dramatically believe there’s love,
It was falling on me without hiding in shades.

The scent in the garden with all those colourful flowers,
We’re into the wonderland with sunshine everywhere.
Sat together and enjoy the most beautiful day.
Then the drops of water keep falling in the sky.
We didn’t run away, we are sitting in the rain.
We had all wet but we appreciated what we had.
There’s circle of love on the park.
Might be there’s the one what I missed,

I don’t want to lose in the immense test.
But we failed and it’s proved ourselves in progressive sadness and deadly depressed.


A reluctant save,
Change my value, change your life.
I originally guessed I had more abundant time to waste.
You previously thought I was the one that would bring you to heaven.
Time turned to show were are wrong, It’s comes to the moment that I,
Been used up all my strength,
To save the day with the absolute effort,
It’s the something I could never afford.

You’re a outsider and a stranger.
We come together and get through extreme adventure in the summer,
Months later, I opened the secret closet.
Mystery is revealed and shows all misery inside the wooden chest.
Counting the days and all the numbers.
Now going to the December,
Still no clue of why god divine power,
Made all this happen, taking all the things back.

Now I would understand, cos’ it’s 99 percent death.
I barely live, Happy to see I had made a hopeless leave.
Or choose to eventually lie down and die.
I burnt myself to ash and let it spread and fly.
Over the canyon to the zephyr,
Across the ocean and reach to another life.


I now have more impatience before.
I wonder when it would end.
I turned my heads and that would be today.
I am sure I will be okay.
No more venom and evil infection,
More human love affection, passion and appreciation.
Less malediction and vindictive vengeance.

All I see is the starry sky,
Love weavers over the clouds.
Been used up all my strength to be here tonight,
To save the millions hearts from day to night.
Even it seems it’s something I might not afford,
It’s the something I could once in my life put all of my effort.

I was 17.9.
I make a stride over the mist of facts and lies,
I see the truth and I found the meaning of life.
I discovered the true happiness.
My vitality surprised my eyes.
Till the angel rescued my soul, that day I changed my mind.
Since that day, I look at the sky, I smile.
Come to the most beautiful part of my life.