Praise The One

(Markus Mo)

You’re the one, Allah
So transcendent and omnipotent
The Most Merciful with compassion.
Give life to human, as well as Mohammad the prophet
Wrote’ the law of nature and order in Quran.
Seize the enemy, slay betrayers for treason.
Open the doors of hell and heaven, push them into justice
When the Day has came, all deeds revealed, all men will be sentenced
Murder those who reject the good and divinity,
Kill those who disbelieve the god and who laid their hands on their sins.
For them, The paradise and garden would be pitifully forfeited.
But then, Arrest the evil infidel and burn their ghastly soul in inferno.

May long blessing and joy last for eternity
You send gifts to this land for free in everyday miracle.
We find Valor the Armor in the wardrobe.
To bring splendor and order to this globe.
We follow, deliver hope, love and peace to all people.
We are mortally dead, but spiritually alive to serve you
You stroke our back to secure our peace and protect us from darkness.
You caress us to give us strength and power, for harmony and survival.
You slapped our face and punished us, to understand life, forgiveness and appreciation.
You forced us to stand still, repel the devil and make us able.
We kneel down as you granted us life and rescue us from hollowness and emptiness in this broken world.
We do prayer, prostrate, acclaim ‘Praise be to Allah’ as we always should.
You are the One, who compose and create life to our brothers and sisters
You are the True Only One, Our Lord.