(Janet Li)

In this sunny June,

The days become lighter and lighter,

Red flames rise

From the green calyx,

I travelled to Germany

Germany’s land

          Below us

Waters in the sea, the river and the lake

          Never flow

Houses like scraps

          Accumulate in the river’s delta

Wait for a while,

         Water flows again

         Houses become puzzles

Wait for a while

         A city floats in the sea of frog

We are dipping into a sea

A sea of cloud, a sea of dream

Who sleeps on the cloud?

We are heading for a rainbow

What is the feeling of

Stepping onto the rainbow?

Will my legs be dyed

By the shining light, or is it a charming ladder?

          If I can touch it

          If I can get to the rainbow

What should I do there?

I’ve no idea


Maybe, maybe.  It does

It does not matter

Be bound by beautiful things

Be bound by fireworks

I like drawing fireworks

Drawing with coloured pencils

Sprinkling the blue and black water

And then fireworks spring up

Spring up to the sky

I like painting,

Painting a fish


Crossed with


Crossed with


Crossed with….

A fish, round and fat

I want to paint an amiable fish

Approaching silently, Miss Chan said

An amiable fish, no red and yellow at all

It’s colour is in line with the sea’s

An amiable fish should be

Shallow blue, like the blue of the sea

Certainly, I do not understand,

‘red’ and ‘yellow’ are from the rainbow

there is no shallow blue in the rainbow

I don’t understand still

I don’t understand until

I see fish in the market,

Shallow blue

At 6:00 a.m.

Frankfurt is just on the far end

Rainbow is beforehand. Now I know further,

I know it is the sun’s illusion

Yet I still love the Rainbow

       I love its colour

                 I take up a pen

                 I take up a sheet

                 I draw a fish

                            A fish in red and yellow…..