(Polly Ho)
In the June session, Gillian read from her latest poetry book Perceptions. After concluded a teaching profession, she quickly picked up full responsibilities as a publisher together with her husband, Verner Bickley. She revealed spending too much time communicating in emails now. Sometimes, she wishes to communicate less. 
The cover of Perceptions is a reflection of Gillian taking photos in Barcelona and in this afternoon, she was excitedly taking picture in front of the signage screen. Being a keen observer, she can tell stories in poetry from the stare of the black jaguar in the Botanic Garden, from a sincere person acting out of one’s own heart and will to help the beggars. More importantly, her poetry speaks her own mind.
One audience worried being a journalist for a long period of time will hinder creative writing because her daily writing only answers the questions of when, where and what. Gillian responded to that she also spent some years working as administration and such experience was too tired for creative writing.
Gillian is a determined achiever. She works extremely hard from six in the morning until mid-night, evidenced by her husband. Fortunate enough, she still keeps her summer times and takes her to-write “poetry note” along when embarking on the summer vocation. 

(photos by Florence Ng and Polly Ho)



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