Kubrick Poetry‧ October ‧ In the Arm of the Beloved

時間 Time:2010/10/28 (Thursday) 7:00pm-9:00pm

地點 Venue: Book Attic (Shop D1, 7-17 Amoy Street, Wan Chai)

主持 Moderators:Polly Ho, Florence Ng, Adam Cheung

詩人來賓 Guest Poet: Sayed Gouda

In Rumi’s poetry, love is the soul of the universe.

Rumi’s poetry has the magical ability to show us truth and to unlock love’s precious secrets. Within the folds of his words, we gain entrance to a hidden chamber; we hear whispers that are ancient; we behold the endless love story between the individual soul and God.

The goal of Sufism is to know love in all of its glorious forms; and every prophet, every practice, and every form of worship that leads toward love.

(by Polly)

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Benedetto XVI: "Il poeta comprese l'eros divino e la forza di Gesù/
La vera carità nasce solo se ci purifichiamo nel matrimonio"

Il Papa: "L'amor che move il sole..."
Dante per spiegare la nuova enciclica



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Dante's courtly love


Dante and the Troubadours


María Rosa Menocal on Islam & courtly love


"Ishq, or divine love, is the emphasis of Sufism."

"There were several elements of courtly love which developed in Arabic literature..."



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"Deus Caritas Est"

"ὁ θεòς ἀγάπη ἐστίν" ó theòs agape estín (trans. "God is love")


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LOVE is NOT LOVE (1): Elizabethan sonnets

--- Shakespeare's sonnets
by Paul Edmondson, Stanley W. Wells
Oxford Shakespeare Topic
Oxford University Press, 2004
(A high school reference book)

For reference material at U level, pls consult Mr Jason Lee, Dept of Comp Litt, HKU



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LOVE is NOT LOVE (2): Late French Romantics,

e.g. Gérard de Nerval: Aurélia; Charles Baudelaire: « Je te donne ces vers … »

Please consult Dr Jackie KWOK, who has attended the course European Romanticism of Claude Pichois at the Sorbonne Nouvelle.


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LOVE is NOT just LOVE (3): Franz Schubert.

Dr LEUNG Ping-kwan, a poet-professor, said at the Kubrick Poetry Forum, “Poetry is a private matter.”

Schubert's Lied cycles show us how performing arts can add a social dimension to private sentiments. This is Empathy—the first principle of art psychology, or Relevance, if you prefer linguistic term. Please listen to e.g. Erstarrung (Numbness) in Schubert’s Winterreise:

"[…] Wo sie an meinem Arme / Durchstrich die grüne Flur.”

A dramatic character’s private thought can be a matter of communication.

Please consult another poet-professor Dr MAK Su-yin. "Her recent work has focused on the music of Schubert and Schumann..."


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LOVE is NOT LOVE (4): Kenneth Clark on Chivalrous Romances & Gestures.

“… even up to 1945 we still retained a number of chivalrous gestures […], subscribed to the FANTASY that [women] were chaste & pure things, in whose presence we could not tell certain stories or pronounce certain words.”

---Civilisation.(BBC 1969: 64. My emphasis)