Kubrick Poetry in HKU

HKU Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities

Writers' Monday Forum

夏日詩歌/Summer Poetry

時間 Time2009/7/27 (Mon) 7:30pm-9:30pm

地點 Venue:香港大學圖書館一樓 Hong Kong University Library Atrium 

主持 ModeratorPolly Ho

詩人來賓 Guest Poets Zhao Xia (趙霞), Claire Lee(卡兒), Viki Holmes, Adam Radford 

We read in summer. We read poetry in summer. We are going to read summer poetry in this summer. 

We have 2 Chinese poets, Zhao Xia (趙霞) and Claire Lee(卡兒) and 2 poets from the UK, Viki Holmes and Adam Radford. They blossom in the young age and they are going to speak of their experience in writing poems and their unique and sensitivity in the flow of the seasons, especially summer. How do they react to the stingy summer heat? How do they doze off and daydream at the breezy beach? And How do they contemplate at the mid-night alone?


ABOUT Zhao Xia (趙霞)

Zhao Xia is a versatile poet and artist who is currently working as a music agent in Shanghai. Her poetry work are anthologized in an important literary and poetry magazine “Today” and “Another Kind of Nation: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Poetry” which is published in the US in 2007. Part of her work has been translated into German and Dutch. Her books of poetry include “Seven Lilies in Barbarism” (蒙昧中的七朵百合), “Mute” () and Chinese translation of German poems “Small Translation Book” (小譯集). Other translation works include Paul Celan, Ingeborg Bachmann and Günter Grass. She was one of the leading editors in Peking University's online literature magazine Wen Xue Zi You Tan(文學自由譠) and another important poetry website Poemlife(詩生活). 

ABOUT Claire Lee(卡兒)

Claire was born and grew up in Hong Kong, graduated from Hong Kong Arts School, working as illustrator, designer and magazine stylist. The first appearance of her art in a local gallery was a series of mannequin heads installation inspired by war photography, named “Devastated” and followed by her first solo exhibition “Muse” which was held in May 2008 under the theme “Tree as a muse in this city”. Claire has also engaged herself in writing poems in Chinese and English. Her three Chinese poetry books were released from 2005 to 2007. And her English poems have been selected recently and being published in a poetry anthology Not a Muse. Her upcoming second solo painting exhibition “Chirrup cuts my eyeball and bleeds the weight of a feather” will be held in July 2009 in Hong Kong.

ABOUT Viki Holmes

Viki Holmes is a widely anthologised and prize-winning British poet and performer who began her writing career in Cardiff as part of the Happy Demon poetry collective. She has been living and writing in Hong Kong since 2005. Her poetry has appeared in literary magazines and anthologies in Wales, England, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Macao and Singapore. She was twice a finalist in the John Tripp Award for spoken Poetry (Wales), and was a runner-up in Hong Kong's inaugural Poetry Slam. Her first collection, miss moon's class is published by Chameleon Press (Hong Kong)  and she is  co-editor of the Haven (Hong Kong) anthology of world women's writing  Not A Muse. When not writing, she is a kindergarten teacher, and she has been a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, St Stephen's College and for The Education Development Bureau. 

ABOUT Adam Radford 

Adam grew up in Hong Kong and received his literature and religion degree in the University of Southhampton. He has been writing for about 15 years in journals. He writes mainly about the small facets of life, simple connections, human experience of the inside and outside world. He is a strong exponent of formed poetry and tends to write in both free and sculpted verse. His influences are Ted Hughes, Elisabeth Bishop, T.S Eliot, Louis Macneice, Vasco Popo and the old fogies: John Milton, John Donne, Shakespeare, et al.