A Poem Selling For $30,000

(by Madeleine Marie Slavick)

Here's an unlikely story: a poem selling for $30,000

Sichuan poet Zheng Danyi, who lives in Hong Kong now, held a poetry reading yesterday in aid of Oxfam Hong Kong's earthquake response.

He donated all the sales of his book, Wings of Summer, as well as a new poem he wrote in calligraphy, which the CEO of Sotheby's, Kevin Ching, bought at an impromptu auction for $30,000. The bidding started at $800.

The fundraiser was held at Kubrick bookstore in Yaumatei. They hold a monthly poetry gathering on the last Sunday of every month.

Exactly 100% of all income goes to Oxfam Hong Kong's work in the earthquake.

Danyi and Kevin Ching who has bought the calligraphy at $30,000.