Kubrick Poetry •October• Philosopher King

時間 Time:2011/10/29 (Saturday) 6:00pm-7:00pm

地點 Venue: Book Attic, 2 Elgin Street, Central

主持 Moderators:Polly Ho & Adam Cheung

詩人 Poet:Ronnie Lee Ka Ching

Ronnie was born in Hong Kong. He is a Chinese poet and philosopher who is achieving his enlightenment through truth, knowledge, and reason. From his Western education, he has developed his style of poetry to incorporate modern philosophy into a foundation for universal understanding.

He tries to see the justice, meaning, and wisdom that are at the core of each of his experiences in this world, sharing his observations with others through his unique poetic words and images. Lee has been writing poetry and philosophy for over nine years. He has self-published 9 books at Outskirts Press: The Book of Life, the Meaning of Life, the Philosopher of Life, Poems of Life, the Genius of the Metropolis, the Philosopher King, etc. He is currently working on his 11th book.

*You are welcome to bring your own creation and share with us.