Kubrick Poetry‧ May‧ In Conversation with the River

時間 Time:2010/5/30 (Sun) 5:00pm-6:00pm

地點 Venue: 油麻地 Kubrick(next to Broadway Cinemathèque, 3 Public Square St.)

主持 Moderators:Florence Ng、Polly Ho、Wong Wai Yim

詩人來賓 Guest Poet:Kit Kelen

In Conversation with the River is Christopher (Kit) Kelen's homage to the Chinese traditions in poetry. It is a philosophical as well as a chronological journey; its persistent backdrop is the daziran (great nature) of the Chinese tradition; its persistent concern is with the future of human relationships with an environment under ever greater strain.

Having lived in China for the last twelve years, Kelen has worked collaboratively on the translation of a range of classical poets, including Tao Yuanming, Meng Jiao, Xin Qiji, Li Yu, Nalan Xingde and many of the women poets of the Tang and Song Dynasties. Kelen has collaborated in the translation of a number of contemporary Chinese poets, including Yao Feng and Leung Ping Kwan. He has also - as a teacher of Creative Writing - mentored younger Chinese poets in the production of their first volumes of poetry, published usually as parallel text in Chinese and in English.

This is the second time for Kit Kelen to read at Kubrick. The reading is in English. You are welcome to bring your own poem to read or your favourite poem to share.