Some words for kubrick poetry

祝賀Kubrick Poetry邁進第五個年頭,



--- Carrie Yu

As I have only attended your reading sessions twice, I am not in a position to give constructive comments. However, I think it would be nice if you could give a short introduction of the poet, say, for three or four minutes in the beginning, so that people will know more about him / her. Also, would it be more effective if the interview follows the reading, so that we can get more familiar with the poet and his work first and thus appreciate better the questions and answers.

--- Joseph Lee

I started going to kubrick poetry two years ago. It was because at that time I started to be interested in poetry, and was delighted to know that there's a poetry grouping Hong Kong. Kubrick poetry gave me a warm, and welcomed environment to enjoy poetry. Polly is a nice and friendly organiser who very much enjoyed poetry. In overall sense, kubrick poetry is well-organised with invitation of special guests from different walks of life, which broaden the horizons of audiences. Here, I have met several friends who also enjoy poetry and we would gather together to attend poetry gatherings,talks, etc.

Kubrick poetry uses the guest-audience approach to meet readers. I believe it is somehow an effective approach which can easily control the flow of the whole gathering. However, it would be monotone if we just gather and listen. Luckily, kubrick poetry has been organising some outdoor actitivies, so that we can experience poetry outside the "box".

Kubrick poetry gave me support and nutured me how to make life better with poetry. If there's no Kubrick poetry, it would not have We-er. (We-er is a self-formed poetry group which aims to lead audiences to enjoy and experience poetry)

--- Siufung

I’ve been to Kubrick Poetry twice, the first one was in Joseph’s Galerie Klee, a delicate art gallery; the other one was my professor and friend Steve’s reading from his new book. I had a great time reading poems by Joseph and Steve, listening to the background stories about the poems, and meeting with the “masters” and other poetry lovers. Happy Birthday to Kubrick Poetry! I hope it will last forever! And I wish I could have my own poetry reading in Kubrick one day!

---Dena (He Lurong)