Kubrick Poetry - From and about Macao

時間 Time:2009/9/27 (Sun) 5:00pm-6:00pm

地點 Venue:油麻地Kubrick next to Broadway Cinemathèque, 3 Public Square St.

主持 Moderators:Florence Ng、Polly Ho、Wong Wai Yim

詩人來賓 Guest Poets: Christopher(Kit) Kelen and Iris Fan, Hilda Tam, Amy Wong, Chris Song, Petra Seak, Lili Han from the Association of Stories in Macao (ASM)

Christopher(Kit) Kelen, associate professor and editor of Poetry Macao in the University of Macao, has taught Literature and Creative Writing for the last nine years. Kit is a well known Australian scholar and poet whose literary works have been widely published and broadcast since the mid seventies, holding degrees in literature and linguistics from the University of Sydney and two doctorates from the University of Western Sydney - a PhD in the area of poetics and an EdD in Critical Pedagogy of Creative Writing.

New talents of the Association of Stories in Macao(ASM) are Iris Fan, Hilda Tam, Amy Wong, Chris Song, Petra Seak, Lili Han. The most recent publication is “I roll the dice- contemporary Macao poetry” edited by Christopher Kelen and Agnes Vong

This anthology represents the first serious effort to collect Macao poetry for the English-language reader. A collection of poetry from and about Macao, it contains works by more than one hundred poets.

In September, the dynamic Macao group is bringing stories and poems from and about Macao to Kubrick!