Calling for poem submission - If I Have Time

We sincerely invite you to participate in Kubrick Poetry’s photography x poetry exhibit “If I Have Time” commissioned by the ADC.  We are calling for poetry submission for this exhibit.

Purpose: To examine the relationship between words and images; the creator and the created
Theme: If I Have Time
Opening reception: Friday July 18
Venue: Coming Society book shop in Wanchai
Exhibit duration: July 17-31
Curators: Polly Ho and Atom Cheung @ Kubrick Poetry Society

Submission Guideline

We invite each participant to submit a poem for any one image (to a maximum of four poems – no more than one per image). There is no word limit.  You may write in any language. The theme and the image present only a starting point. They are NOT to limit your creativity.  Interpret however you like.

In your word document please include:
-your name
-your email contact
-the image you have written for (specify A, B, C, or D)

Book coupon will be awarded and you are invited to attend the opening reception.
Please send poem(s) to Polly kubrickpoems@gmail.com or Atom acac8989@gmail.com by Saturday 31st May, 2014. (To allow you have more time to create, we have changed the dealine to 3rd of June.)

May 2 – four images submitted
May 9  – call for poetry submission
May 31 -- poetry submission ends
June 29 – photographers complete the ‘new artwork’
July 18 – Opening Reception!
July 17-July 31 – Exhibition period

Photo A
Phtoto B
Photo C
Photo D

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匿名 提到...

so we have to choose from the four photos you provided?

Kubrick Poetry 提到...

Yes, choose from the photos we have provided here.