Kubrick Poetry •January •We Remember

時間 Time2013/1/27 (Sunday) 5:00pm-6:00pm
地點 Venue 油麻地 Kubrick電影中心一樓講廳
主持 ModeratorsPolly Ho, Adam Cheung, Florence Ng, Wong Wai Yim




We remember Ya Si’s visits to our monthly Kubrick Poetry meetings since the time of our establishment both as a guest writer and also as a genuine supporter of poetry.  We remember his smile, his sincerity, his dedication to creative writing, and the support he gives to young writers.  We remember last summer when he appeared as our guest writer during what was an eventful month for him as he was also featured as the Writer of the Year in the Hong Kong Book Fair at the same time.  It all seems like yesterday.

This month in Kubrick Poetry, we pay tribute to a great poet, teacher, and friend in Ya Si who passed away to cancer early this month.

The four moderators of Kubrick Poetry will share their favourite works by Ya Si and talk about their recollections of a great man who had been a kind supporter of our group in addition to being the champion of Hong Kong literature throughout his life.  Participants are also encouraged to bring their favourite works by Ya Si to share as we celebrate the life of a poet whose dedication to the written word is an inspiration to all of us. 

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Pitch Your Culture 提到...

What a great activity/idea . . . something going on in the streets of Hong Kong besides "shopping" . . . Are you going to print some of the results?

Kubrick Poetry 提到...

We will put it up on the blog after the event but not printing it out.